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Giving Back

The Desk Project

In order to contribute to the future of our local village, Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort has taken the initiative to build desks for young children at the local school a few minutes away from the resort. Each desk contributes to local surrounding enterprises such as carpenters. Each desk costs 95,000 Tanzanian Shillings which is approximately $43USD or 39€. If you would like to contribute to this project, you can purchase a desk, tell us what you would like us to carve into the top to acknowledge your gift, and we will deliver it to the school.


You can use up to 26 letters, 2 rows of 13 letters each. It takes up to seven days to complete the carving. In order to ensure that classes are not constantly interrupted, we only deliver the desks to the school once a month. We would be pleased to send you photos of students at your customised desk when we deliver them.


For more information, please speak with reception.

The Desk Project
Children attend school just minutes away from Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort

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